The 50-year anniversary of interactive advertising. Wait. What?

The digital-age did not give birth to interactive advertising. Just as selfies did not introduce the world to hand-held photography. How’s that for a head-slapper? Nope, that puppy (interactive advertising) was out of the litter long before Al Gore invented the Information Super Highway. Okay, so what’s the story? Who was the first one to[…]

The Birth and Death of a lifestyle brand

When a lifestyle brand is born a core following finds an interesting point of difference that’s relevant to them and identify with the brand on a personal level. This core following is small, but extremely passionate. They become instant advocates for the brand and evangelize the brand with honesty and fervor, bringing profound credibility to[…]

When Strategy and Execution Are Incompatible, Magic Happens

  Magic? Isn’t it more like mayhem? Have no doubt about it; a clash between individuals responsible for creative ideation and those concerned with strategic development can be debilitating to the brand-building process. But must it? With a dollop of sarcasm, I suggest butting heads produces a greater result. And I’ll go further: It’s out[…]