Is an over-promise worse than no promise?

Better off saying nothing, than promising your customers and under delivering.

How many times do you think a consumer will expect 10 ounces of pizza and put up with four ounces? Especially in this rancid economy, when wages are stagnant, and the cost of living keeps going up?

Expectations that are not met will create negative feelings that can easily be expressed through social media, leading to viral criticism and damaging brand impressions. Last thing you need when you are trying to grow a brand and position it for success is for the positioning to be upended by a brand not living its promise to its consumer.

Bottom line: When you convince your customer to purchase your product, what you do next is just as important. Keep the consumer engaged, with positive communication starting with the product delivering what it was supposed to, and if it doesn’t, then talk to your customer and tell them why. Or make it good somehow. There are no more masks.

Stay engaged with the consumer through e-mail. Send a follow up to see if they are satisfied. If they are not, give them something to make up for their negative impression. Maybe they’ll come back and give you another try.

The consequences of negative brand brand impressions after purchase can be more damaging than you think. Yes, you got their initial buck in your pocket, but that will mean nothing in the long run and that’s where it matters.

When you are communicating the reasons to believe why your product or brand is worthy of consideration, do your homework and test the product out. See if it lives up to your expectations. Does it satisfy what’s being said? As communicators we need to embellish somewhat, but if we don’t believe in what we are selling, we better modify how we go about our work.

Promising gold, and delivering fools-gold, will result in more work to regain the trust of the consumer and more money spent by the client to get it.

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