The Birth and Death of a lifestyle brand

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When Strategy and Execution Are Incompatible, Magic Happens

  Magic? Isn’t it more like mayhem? Have no doubt about it; a clash between individuals responsible for creative ideation and those concerned with strategic development can be debilitating to the brand-building process. But must it? With a dollop of sarcasm, I suggest butting heads produces a greater result. And I’ll go further: It’s out[…]

The Law of the jungle: Blend in, if you don’t want to get eaten. Stand out, if you want to attract a mate.

Everyone in the influence business wants to attract mates for the brands they work for. So, why do so few stand out in the jungle? Ever notice how almost every car ad looks the same? Why most theme lines are empty statements? Why it’s okay for some brands to simply exist in the category with its[…]