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LPL Financial - Steve Biegel

Steve Biegel

LPL Financial

LPL Financial Group created a new suite of technology tools to help its nationwide team of 13,000+ independent financial advisors perform their services at unprecedented speeds, streamline complex operations, cut down on paperwork, and offer complete transparency for their clients.  The significant investment in this “LPL Advisor Tech”  initiative needed an appropriate level of fanfare.  We built out an integrated program featured in a new, stand-alone website dedicated to the new tools and promoted it to the LPL Advisor community with tactics including a direct mailer delivering a 13-hour wall clock (emphasizing the time to be regained using the new tools), and contests for sign up/adoption in advance of the company’s annual trade show. The themed content was then extended to the event itself in the form of signage, meeting rooms dress show collateral, premium items, and more.