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Darkness exists only to accentuate the light.

Creative solutions

Creative solutions based on a positivity bias.

Steve Biegel is an American creative director, brand strategist, copywriter, producer, and entrepreneur. Steve wrote award-winning TV ad campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, executive produced the short film, Leylak, which held its world premiere at the 20th Annual Tribeca Film Festival in June of 2021 and subsequently was awarded a Special Jury Prize. He is a Partner at Wildchild, a New York City based production, post-production and content creation studio. Steve also Co-Founded Dreamboat Group, an impact marketing agency, and goodmetal, the first ever lifestyle brand with a mission to eliminate gun violence in America. 

Creatively ambidextrous.

Creative chops based on pedigree and surprise.

From working at the most respected creative agencies in NYC to managing the creative department of an innovative creative boutique, Steve Biegel creates ideas that motivate consumers to join the brand journey. He has worked on everything from global brands to start-ups, created content in almost every medium you can think of (and some you can’t) and won numerous awards for creative excellence and effectiveness. Steve offers a honed skill set to bring transformative creative ideas to life with wit and human insight to provoke an audience to act or think differently.


After decades helping Fortune 500 brands grow their bottom line, I decided to focus on work that challenges the notion that purpose and profit are mutually exclusive. Today, I bring consumers and brands together through shared interest in a better world.  

MISSION - steve

One day I created a campaign idea for a global Fortune 500 insurance company. It changed many lives, including my own. The intent, of course, was to convince consumers that insurance was a critical component to a richer life. But, this campaign did more than sell merch. It sparked a dormant fuse inside people to embrace risk, instead of running away from it. To push fear aside, just long enough to take a chance on themself, and pursue their dreams, big or small. Whether it was opening a pizza parlor in a pandemic, investing in an idea no one else would touch with a ten-foot pole or just putting themselves out there by asking someone their best friend was convinced was “out of their league” on a date. After receiving hundreds of letters from individuals thanking the brand for inspiring them to change their mindset from fear to a positivity bias, this campaign helped me realize the power of mass communication and the effect it can have to help elevate each other and the world we live in. 

I co-founded Dreamboat Group where a curious and diverse menagerie of creative directors, designers, film makers, writers and photographers collaborate with innovative brands and agencies to find unorthodox ways of approaching contemporary issues. We align interests of the consumer with that of the brand by activating ideas that serve a greater good. 

I co-founded goodmetal, the first ever lifestyle brand dedicated to eliminating gun violence in America. Goodmetal takes metal from decommissioned guns and transforms it into fashion wear, consumer goods and art expressions. The goodmetal Foundation partners with academic institutions to fund epidemiological research on gun violence, educational programs for the communities hit hardest by gun violence, and innovative initiatives that go beyond the traditional solutions offered today. We believe the gun fight will only be won by arming the cause with creativity and a fresh perspective. 

"A map will get you from point A to B, creativity will get you anywhere."
- A. Einstein

Our artivists are a diverse group of creative directors, directors, designers, illustrators and photographers collaborating with global brands and agencies. Aiming to break rules and finding unorthodox ways of approaching contemporary issues, their work takes us beyond an us-and-them mentality to a broader idea of what constitutes we.

Our services include strategy, direction, design, and production from social media, branded content, campaign films, thru to brand positioning, website development, and product design. 

Strategy Ideation Direction Design Production Animation Illustration Branding Print Film Web App Product design

defending human rights is not a crime




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we serve at-risk children


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Palette by Pak





brand content

Steve Biegel has worked on Fortune 500 brands, start-ups and everything in between.


Narrative Content


Miracle Ball is a documentary film based on the amazing search for the missing baseball from the famous “shot heard around the world.” It’s narrative is filled with twists and turns that lead to a surprising conclusion.

The Appies


AppyKids is an episodic animated edutainment series with the goal of educating kids in a new way. The property creates culturally relevant children's content which consists of videos, apps, books, experiences and much more.



In present day Queens, a Turkish gravedigger is unable to face a shattering truth during the pandemic, and risks losing the dearest connection left in his life. Its quiet poignancy and powerful restraint helped it win Special Jury prize at 2021 Tribeca Film Festival.


The Walk

"The Walk" is a documentary that follows Little Amal, a 16-year-old Syrian refugee embodied as a giant puppet, as she journeys across the border of Syria to the UK in hopes of finding a home and family. Along the way, she is greeted by surprising supporters and confronted by groups who oppose her.

Thought Doodles


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